South East Queensland Infrastructure Supplement (SEQIS)

The SEQ Infrastructure Supplement (SEQIS) will outline a plan for critical regional infrastructure that catalyses and services the growth and housing supply of the region and responds directly to the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update.

The purpose of the SEQIS is to:

  • identify priority place-based infrastructure responses to proposed amendments in the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update
  • map the alignment of planned and committed projects to both the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update and the State Infrastructure Strategy
  • investigate options for review of the forward pipeline
  • identify longer term regional infrastructure planning needs and strategic opportunities

  • Coordinating infrastructure and land use planning, the draft SEQIS aligns to the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update, to support the projected growth in SEQ to meet the current and future needs of SEQ’s changing population. The draft SEQIS also considers the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games infrastructure programs.

    The draft SEQIS is a foundational document for engagement with plan makers and authorities across government and industry. Development of the final SEQIS will be undertaken in collaboration with Queensland Government agencies, SEQ’s councils and industry and will utilise existing governance vehicles, such as the SEQ City Deal, to ensure cross sectoral alignment.

    Infrastructure planning, assessment and investment is an ongoing process that responds to the priorities that are introduced in the draft SEQIS and will be finalised in the final SEQIS. This approach will ensure that the final SEQIS will provide clearly aligned infrastructure planning strategies and priorities to support the urgent and long term growth needs of the region.