Why draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update?

ShapingSEQ was initially released in 2017. Since then, we have experienced unprecedented interstate migration, changes in household situations and significant pressures in the housing market leading to an increase in demand.

As an outcome of the Housing Summit and in response to the National Housing Accord, the Queensland Government is undertaking a targeted review of the existing plan to respond to current housing pressures.

The draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update focuses on addressing our rapid population growth, providing more housing choice and integrating infrastructure and connections, while protecting our natural environments.

The draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update includes a targeted review of key strategies in context of the significant growth and events our region has experienced since 2017. The regional plan includes new and updated strategies to ensure we enhance the region’s communities now and into the future.

The final ShapingSEQ 2023 Update is expected to be released at the end of 2023 with a strong implementation and evaluation program to ensure targets are met.

The Queensland Housing Summit also required the development of a new South East Queensland (SEQ) regional infrastructure plan to manage regional growth and service provision in SEQ.

Due to the urgency of addressing housing pressures in Queensland, the scope of the SEQ Infrastructure Plan was revised to fast-track the delivery of a targeted SEQ Infrastructure Supplement (SEQIS), that directly supports the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update.

The SEQIS will represent a whole-of-government infrastructure planning response to the growth needs and land-use amendments of the final ShapingSEQ 2023 Update to be released by the end of 2023. To learn more about SEQIS.

ShapingSEQ themes

ShapingSEQ’s 50 year vision is guided by five key themes; Grow, Prosper, Connect, Sustain and Live.

Developed during 2017, these themes remain fundamental elements of the plan and inextricably linked, with Connect, Sustain and Live underpinning sustainable and ecological outcomes aligned to the settlement pattern detailed in Grow and Prosper. All themes work together to ensure a comprehensive approach is taken in considering the future of South East Queensland.

The update focuses primarily on the Grow theme, with Prosper, Connect, Sustain and Live all being reviewed and updated where necessary.

These five themes help provide further dimension and clarity to shape our region’s future.

Explore Grow, Prosper, Connect, Sustain and Live below.

The Grow theme ensures we can sustainably accommodate a growing population by introducing targets for the supply, density and diversity of housing options, including social and affordable housing.

See the Grow fact sheet here.

The Prosper theme focuses on growing jobs across the region, creating more jobs where people live and identifying the infrastructure required to support economic growth.

See the Prosper fact sheet here.

The Connect theme focuses on strategies to strengthen communities and the economy by delivering integrated land use and transport planning.

See the Connect fact sheet here.

The Sustain theme continues to protect the region’s biodiversity, cultural heritage and natural assets as well as build resilience across communities in response to climate change and extreme weather.

See the Sustain fact sheet here.

The Live theme is about creating well-designed communities that are distinctly South East Queensland and improve the quality of life for all.

See the Live fact sheet here.