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The below poll questions cover topics and themes contained within the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update.

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Housing diversity and growth

Do you think your housing needs will change as your life changes?

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Total Votes: 3289

Are there a range of housing options to choose from (e.g. houses, townhouses, retirement housing or units) in the areas you want to live in?

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Total Votes: 3222

As the population in South East Queensland grows and we need to accommodate more people, we will continue to make choices that affect our lifestyle and housing choices. What would you prefer?

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I’d prefer a better mix of housing types in my area
65% (2099 votes)
I’d prefer to maintain the current mix
35% (1141 votes)
Total Votes: 3240

Would you prefer to see new homes built in existing urban areas rather than on the outskirts even if it means that your suburb might change?

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Total Votes: 3897